[29/11/2014] Margate, Seafront Steps margate

[24/10/2014] Brighton Marina sea wall Brighton Sea Wal

[31/08/2014] Crystal Palace Park, London, at Dawn crystal palace, lower lake

[15/08/2014] D’Aguilar National Park, Queensland, Australia D'Aguilar National Park

[09/08/2014] Tasmania, Dawn in Lucaston (6am) tasmania, lucaston

[24/04/2014] St. Pancras Station kx map

[02/09/2012] The Bells of Église Notre-Dame du Finistère, Bruxelles Église Notre-Dame du Finistère

[26/03/2012] the bottom end double bass

the bottom end

[30/09/2011] lovely beast modular synth

…but I am looking forward to some quality time with this recently neglected lovely beast.

[04/01/2011] Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Sunset Frog Chorus angkor wat, cambodia

[28/12/2010] Cambodia, Kampot Market (Binaural) kampot market, cambodia

[28/12/2009] UK, York: Geese Fly Close Overhead york

[11/10/2009] Shinkansen Dolly

The view from a bullet train leaving the station. Nikon D90 rolling shutter skew (“jello effect”) clearly apparent!

[20/09/2009] Australia, Melbourne: Railway Crossing railway crossing

[08/08/2009] Hampstead

D90 Video test. Silent.

[31/05/2008] South Coast

slomo twixtor test. Music by The Bad Machines.

[14/05/2008] Australia: McKenzies Beach (Binaural) McKenzie's Beach, South Coast, Australia

[01/05/2008] Hakone Ropeway, Japan

Timelapse video of a journey from the top to the bottom of the Hakone Ropeway (cablecar) in Japan.

[13/09/2007] Ethiopia, Addis: Birds & Thunder Addis Garden, Ethiopia

[03/07/2007] Brixton High Street Flooding

After 5 minutes of rain & hail!

[04/10/2006] Stevie vs Arp 2600

2600 wins!

[13/09/2006] Micro Live – Computer Music in 1985

Extracts of the BBC program “micro live” circa 1985. Features a demonstration on the Sinclair Spectrum, Comadore 64 and the newly invented concept of MIDI.

[13/09/2006] Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog

In extract from a 1980’s BBC Micro Live special on electronic music in which Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog.

[21/08/2006] Vangelis & CS80

Vangelis demonstrating a Yamaha CS80.

[03/08/2006] Hammond Organ Seventieth

Short BBC doco/clip on the Hammond Organ.